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Brand Activation: PM Sports & Marketing specialises in developing strategies that shift the focus to the core of marketing: stimulating the buying process.

Let us help you ignite your brand! At PM Sports & Marketing, we develop customised, segmented, technology driven, go-to-market strategies that are designed to expedite the sales process.  Our messaging works together with carefully selected platforms that engage each consumer at each stage of the purchasing process.


Our strategies for implementing consumer brand activation campaigns

Experiential events

These events give people a chance to try a product, ask questions about it and participate in some way that makes them feel apart of the brand. The purpose is to reach people on multiple levels (emotional, rational, psychological) so that they walk away from your event remembering what is was like to touch, taste, and feel the product rather than just reading about it.

Promotional Marketing

PM Sports & Marketing will raise awareness of your brand and its products in order to generate more sales and gain a loyal customer base. The targeting of our promotional marketing is diverse and can take many forms; we can target businesses, retail and wholesale companies or even your end consumer.

Instore Retail Marketing

Our in store retail marketing activations help a customer choose one brand over another at the point of purchase. We help to enhance the image of a product or brand, we feature the benefits it offers or introduce the lifestyle associated with it. This is done using point of purchase displays, attractive designs or hosting, and retail product launch experiences that allow consumers to experience and try a particular product.