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Whether you want to create positive publicity for your brand, heighten visibility, or drive sales – sponsorship marketing can be a powerful tool.

PM Sports & Marketing understands the unique and diverse target markets of South Africa. We can assist you to find the best strategic match for your company; pairing your brand with events and opportunities that will allow for maximum exposure.

Media Exposure
Develop Credibility
Lead Generation
Brand Awareness
Form Partnerships
Develop Databases

Excellence in sponsorships, as is in everything that we do

Create, Develop and Enhance Credibility

There are limited opportunities for corporates to build trust and establish rapport with customers and prospective customers. PM Sports & Marketing develops custom sponsorship packages that present the opportunities for our clients to be seen as dependable and supportive. Attending a function or sports event is important – but standing out in the crowd by being a sponsor will highlight you and your business to a captive and ready audience.

Highly Targeted Marketing

At PM Sports & Marketing, we make sure that we gain a deep understanding of the mix of people that are in attendance at functions.  The event organiser is responsible for creating the audience and will have a goal to bring together the right crowd that will benefit from their program. When facilitating Event Sponsorships, we make sure that the audience (attendees and media) is specifically targeted to our prospective clients.

Unrivaled Media Exposure Across Multiple Platforms

Every event (sports, business, community, entertainment) has its own marketing effort to make sure the event is well attended and generally successful. PM Sports & Marketing clients will automatically get the benefit of being promoted throughout the process. Some events have local media support while others may offer national campaigns. This provides extended exposure and visibility into untapped markets.